Wednesday, 16 April 2014

GrantonWorld - Live More, For Less!

Shopping nowadays are getting much more convenient. Most of time, it is just a click away! Today I'm going to introduce another lifestyle website that offers amazing daily promotions - GrantonWorld. It is a website where you can get great deals and HUGE discounts on various products and services for you to choose from!

It's super easy to join GrantonWorld and it is FREE! Just sign up to be a member and you can start shopping - products, services and event holiday getaway!

By shopping on GrantonWorld, you earn points too. 1 point is equal to RM10 and can be used in purchasing any of their amazing deals as regular cash. On top of this, they'll have freebies to give away too! As their member, you'll be receiving notifications on their promotions and contest, where you can participate and win yourself some amazing freebies from GrantonWorld.

So, let's go check them out and click the widget at the side to make your purchase!

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Seeties Getaways Treat Campaign: Outdoors & Attractions

Hi, I'm back again! In my previous post, I've mentioned about a getaway contest by Seeties.

In conjunction with this, I would like to submit my humble recommendations.

Staying in PJ/KL area does have it perks, but braving yourself through the traffics and hectic lifestyle are few of the downsides. So, when it comes to a short weekend getaway, I'd prefer to go or explore places that are kinda a little outskirt or high up the hills. I believe many of you are familiar with Cameron Highlands, and might have been there a thousand times. Personally I've only been there twice, and I love both of my experience up there.

One of the places I'd recommend is the Rose Valley which located in Tringkap, Cameron Highlands. They have an amazing of 450 varieties of roses and, and with the cool climate actually further nurses these flowers.

I'm never a fan of flowers, but I think this could be one of the places that you can take some beautiful photos of flowers. With my really really "private limited" photography skill, I manage to capture some really beautiful flowers, and I kinda like them a lot:

Ain't these lantern flowers just simply beautiful? Love the pink and purple combination and it has a very oriental feel to it.

If I have to choose, I'd prefer the white or yellow roses, compare to the typical red ones.

Rose Valley
Address: 148 Tringkap, Cameron Highlands, 39000 Pahang.
Contact: +605-4961620 / +605-4961491
Fax: +605-4961049
Operating Hours: 8AM - 6PM
Entrance Tickets: RM 5 for adults; RM 2 for kids

For the map, please refer:

Photo credit:

Apart from the Rose Valley, it only makes sense to pay visit to one of the tea farm. The last, I went to BOH Plantation Tea Center. The plantation has a total of 8000 acres planted with tea, and it is the largest tea plantation in Southeast Asia.

Sipping a cup of hot tea, under a cool climate with clear blue sky and gazing out to the mountains of tea leaves in the BOH Tea Shop..doesn't this just sound wonderful and relaxing? Totally one of THE PLACE to unwind with family and friends. Besides, they offer FREE guided factory tour every 30 minutes, of how the tea leaf is processed! Fun and education in the same package!

A friendly reminder,  due to the road is narrow and winding, please give a honk or two while negotiating a corner to let oncoming traffic know there is a car coming.

BOH Tea Plantations
Address: Jalan Gunung Brinchang, Brinchang, Cameron Highlands
Contact: +605-4962096
Operating Hours: 9AM - 4:30PM, Monday is close
Entrance Tickets: FREE

Apart from having a short getaway, I love to reward myself to some nice food too. Few months ago, my brother introduce this amazing little cafe to me - Jam & Kaya Cafe. It is located inside PJ Palms Sports Center.

I've actually mentioned about this place in my previous post, so I won't get into too much details this round. The reasons I really fall in love with this place are very simple - simple and bright interior with very friend owners, and nice food.

Prefer to enjoy a cuppa by the couch?

...Or you could choose to side at the side and enjoy watching the barista work their magic.

Of course, not to forget to have some desserts to go with your coffee...

Tryout their pancakes when you are there. We specially requested to change the tropical fruits toppings to caramelized bananas, and they did it! Hot caramelized bananas with jam that added a little acidity and cold ice cream for that sweetness AND the pancakes! YUMMY~~~

Okay, I think I got a little too carried away. In conjunction with the getaway campaign, these would be my recommendations. AND~~~ wish me luck!

Jam & Kaya Cafe
Address: No 1, Lorong Sultan, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Contact: +016-667-5078
Operating Hours: Tuesday-Thursday (10AM -10PM)
                              Friday-Sunday (8AM - 11PM)

Directions: Take a LRT and drop off at Taman Jaya LRT station. Head towards A&W direction, go straight and you'll see a sports center (PJ Palms Sports Center) on your left. Go into the center, take a right turn at the swimming pool and go around the pool. You'll spot this little cafe right inside the sports center after you've passed the pool. It's roughly a 3 minutes walking distance from the LRT station.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Your Pick, Our Treat: Getaway Treat Campaign!

Hello peeps! I've been approached by the lovely Audrey from Seeties recently, and noticed that they are having an amazing getaway treat for all of you boys and girls out there!

Before I get into what's the campaign is all about, let me first introduce Seeties to you. It is an application that you can install from Google play store, where you can find recommendations in Malaysia for the following 6 categories:
  1. Arts and Crafts
  2. Beauty and Fashion
  3. Food and Drinks
  4. Kitchen Recipes
  5. Outdoors and Attractions
  6. Performing Arts
 Not an Android user? Same here. For all the non-Android out there, you can go to the Seeties website and check out these amazing recommendations, or maybe even sign up and submit your own recommendations!

So, back to our today's topic! To celebrate the rolling out of their "Follow" feature,  Seeties is having a GETAWAY TREAT CAMPAIGN and giving away 10 getaway treats!

Excited yet? Wait...there's can choose any of the private villa from the following for your getaway

Look at those beautiful places! Don't you just wish to spend your weekend in one of these villas?!

Now, the fun part - how to win yourself into one of these villa:

Campaign Details

We have not 1, not 5, but 10 getaway treats to be given away! Winners will get 2 days 1 night stay at a villa of their choice!

How It Works

  1. Post at least 1 recommendation on Outdoors & Attractions category and 1 on any category you love at Seeties platform from 2 April 2014 - 30 April 2014.
  2. Each recommendation should have at least 3 photos, interesting and helpful info, and correct locations on Google Map.
Tips: Can you post more than 2? Of course! The more you recommend, the higher chances you will get!

Selection Criteria of Winners

We will select ten (10) expert’s recommendation with most beautiful photos to win the getaway treats!

To Participate

  1. You must be a registered Seetizen Expert of Seeties, click here to join if you are not.
  2. Share and post the campaign poster with your own unique picture URL on your blog
For any further information or enquiries, please contact

Terms & Conditions

  1. This Campaign covers all Recommendations posted by Seetizen Experts between 2nd April 2014 and 30th April 2014.
  2. The Campaign will only include Recommendations about places in Malaysia.
  3. Seetizen Experts are required to follow the instructions for the Campaign to be considered.
  4. Seetizen Experts who did not 'Share and post the poster link' on their blogs will not be considered by the Campaign.
  5. Individuals may only post Recommendations via one Seetizen Expert account.
  6. Seetizen Experts sharing of 'poster link' will be taken to mean acceptance of these terms and conditions, and that the Seetizen Expert agrees to abide by an respect these terms.
  7. No new Recommendations will be considered for the Campaign after 11:59 PM 30th April 2014.
  8. Seeties will start reviewing entries from 1st May 2014. The 10 winners are selected according to the judging criteria of "Best Picture". Winners will be announced by Seeties on 15th May 2014.
  9. The prize 'getaway treat' for winning Recommendations is allocated per Seetizen Expert. All prizes are non transferable.
  10. The prize 'getaway treat' is worth for two (2) days one (1) night stay only, and not inclusive of meal and transportation costs. Winners must inform Seeties one month prior to actual date of stay at the villas, in order to facilitate bookings. The prize is valid until 31st December 2014.
  11. Seeties reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions, at Seeties discretion, with notice to all Seetizen Experts. 
What are you waiting for?? Let's all get working on our recommendations NOW!

Monday, 7 April 2014

"STAND FIRM, STAY FIRM" Photography Contect by Shizens

Ladies, it's time to show to the world that beauty is not just about looks.. but it's also about the inner strength that we have that took us through all the ups and downs!

Our role as a "woman" has evolve since the ancient time - from giving birth and taking care of the family to taking up the responsibilities of the household and being part of the workforce and contributing to the social welfare. Throughout history, many women have exhibit their amazing inner strength. As a means of acknowledging and recognizing the efforts of all women, Shizenz has launched a "STAND FIRM, STAY FIRM" photography contest from 2 April to 30 April, 2014.

The contest is is classified into 2 categories, Photography Enthusiasts and Mobile Photography. Participants can submit their best shoots that is strong emotions, human and feminine at or #standfirmstayfirm at Instagram to win prizes worth more than RM18,000!!!!!!

  • You are allowed to submit more than one entry
  • ALL photographs should accurately reflect the subject matter (eg. to relate to contest theme: Strong emotions, Human, Feminine)
  • Photo-collaging (ie. putting several images, text, stickers & add-ons to make a single image) will not be accepted

Prizes for both categories:

Photography Enthusiats
Open to all photography hobbyist who loves bringing picture to life! However, there are certain requirements needed for the photos selected for the finals will be printed in large.

  • Photograph shall be taken using compact camera, DSLR camera (or of its similar)
  • Minimum image size is: 5MB
  • Studio photography with lightings are allowed
Click here to submit your photo.
Mobile Photography
Specially dedicated to all smartphone photographers! Mobile photography has made huge strides in this modern era and we’ve seen lots of talented mobile photographers over the years.
Must be taken by a smartphone or any other mobile devices.
To take part via Instagram, hashtag #standfirmstayfirm on your photo
You may also submit your photos via this website.

Are you a strong women? Or you know someone who is a strong women? Show us and stand a chance to win loads of attractive prizes! Find out more here: 

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

[Review]: Miss Hana Water Proof Water Gel Eyeliner

All this while I've only been using Heavy Rotation Liquid Eyeliner by Kiss Me (just remembered that I should probably write a post on this... =p), and never thought of trying out others. Thanks to Natta Cosme, I got the chance to tryout Miss Hana Water Proof Water Gel Eyeliner.

Instead of one.... they were super generous to let us try TWO eyeliners - 01 Night Black and 03 Choco Brown. The packaging is super cute - Pink!! ^_^

As a first time user, I totally love this eyeliner! It was effortless to apply the eyeliner, and the most important of all in an eyeliner.... it is smudge proof! So ladies... no more panda eyes! It is 100% waterproof, anti-sweat, anti-tears and anti-oil! So, what does this amazing eyeliner does? Let's see:
  1.  Evenly colored and able to achieve natural lines to create three-dimensional deep eyes! *ohhh~~~*
  2. Smooth stroke - hence the easy application!
  3.  Easily removed too! Bet you think waterproof means it is hard to remove huh? Nope!

Photo credit: Natta Cosme website
I've tried out the 01 Night Black...

I love how easily it could be applied on. I took another photo after coming from work the entire day, and the results...

The eyeliner was still visible. Although you could see some slight smudges underneath my eye, but that's due to my super oily eye. So, I'll have a little smudges here and there no matter what. However, I'm really super satisfied with the results of this eyeliner.

In total they have 4 colors for you to choose from:

  • 01 Night Black
  • 02 Galacy Black
  • 03 Choco Brown
  • Golden Brow

Interested? Why not give it a try! Check out the website of Natta Cosme now!